Coming from a storied background in the lifestyle industries, Sofia Pierce-Slive focuses on writing that builds awareness and excitement around products and services that help consumers live a more beautiful life. With a particular passion for the magic and stories behind food, Sofia produces audience-focused promotional content executed across multiple channels, including print and social media.

While working in the luxury beauty industry, Sofia has turned her diverse experience towards strengthening the voice of others in similar fields, such as wellness and culinary publications. With a focus on content creation and wholesale partnerships in lifestyle marketing, Sofia brings the same collaborative spirit and results-driven approach to each writing project she takes on.

In lifestyle marketing, the emotional connection between consumers and their products is essential to promote. Sofia’s body of work, from beauty to food, focuses on strengthening this connection. Her work has been featured in student publications and as components of national brand campaigns for luxury beauty brands. Her writing clearly defines the directives of the companies she partners with, and then moves to building excitement for the products and services offered.

Sofia’s e-book of recipes, Scenes from the Table, is on track to be published in 2020. This book highlights Sofia’s extensive experience in editing and recipe creation, as well as her graphic design abilities.

Sofia’s writing is strengthened by both a B.A in Marketing and an M.S in Professional Writing from New York University. In addition to this strong writing background, Sofia also holds a culinary degree from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and an extensive backlog of stories from a lifetime of travel. Her voice is passionate, adaptable, and born from a love of the pursuit of how to live life more enjoyably.



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