…from the world to your kitchen…

Food: to eat it is to love it – and it’s even better shared. There’s so many delicious discoveries to be found, and so little time. Everyone has their favorite dishes, but here at Feast, we think the most wonderful thing about food is that there are endless new ways to discover something delicious. There’s a whole world of amazing food out there, from near and far. As far as we’re concerned, eating our way through the world is the best way to get to know our fellow citizens. In tumultuous times of fear, discomfort and hatred, it’s more important than ever to connect with those around us, and sometimes sharing a bite is the best way to find that connection. Every time we enter our kitchen, we have an opportunity to nourish others and learn something new about ourselves as cooks and friends. Feast gives you the opportunity to make that connection on a deeper level, with friends old and new, near and far. Take a tour around the world of Feast, and learn a thing or two about delicious culinary happenings all over the globe. Hopefully, you might be inspired to see how some of these explorations work out in your own kitchen.

We can fight hatred and misunderstanding with every entry into our kitchen, each time we pull out our tools and create something special for those that we love. Feast gives you some new tricks, and some new perspective, to make your connections even more meaningful.


          HAWAII                                                                                                                        ETHIOPIA

          DENMARK                                                                                                                THAILAND 

          VANCOUVER                                                                                                                    BRAZIL

Feast centralizes this sense of culinary exploration and brings it right into your home. Through the interactive map, you can choose from six different locations from all parts of the world. With each page, you get a rich sense of place filled with all things delicious. The hope here at Feast is that you leave each page with a better understanding of the rich culture that comprises every part of the world. You will meet fellow home cooks, learn unique facts about ingredients and dishes native to the area, and see beautiful imagery that offers a glimpse into different world. Most importantly, you will leave each site visit with a delicious recipe so you can bring the world into your home. Explore, enjoy, and leave satiated in more ways than one.


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